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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  July 11, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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marvin in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture when libertarians like kentucky senator rand paul go on and on about states' rights and government tyranny what are they really talking about and just his rights are they defending or on that just a moment also speaking of rand as fountainhead author and poet philosopher iran is a well known opponent of religion christianity in particular so why would any self described christian call himself an objectivist and charles koch thinks poor americans are living on the ritz you know why he's dead wrong and i'd still take.
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you need to know this kentucky senator rand paul you know the guy who question the wisdom of the civil rights act of one thousand nine hundred sixty four when he first ran for office finds himself at the center of yet another race related controversy this week on tuesday the washington free beacon publish an article titled rebel yell detailing the previous career paul's right hand man jack otter the co-author of the senator's first book all working as a radio you jockey shock jock in south carolina talk show host hunter appeared in public wearing a confederate flag mask openly called first session and even defended the assassination of abraham lincoln he called himself the southern avenger and was the chairman of the charleston wing of the league of the south a group which according to its own website quote advocates the secession and
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subsequent independence of the southern states from this forest union. the formation of a southern republic and quote rand paul was down trying to disassociate himself from hunter's comments that's going to be a difficult task because the southern avenger isn't just some random senate staffer he's a close associate of paul's and helped him write the tea party goes to washington back in two thousand and ten it now looks like senator paul is continuing in a great family tradition even though he denies responsibility his father ron published a series of racist newsletters during the one nine hundred ninety six congressional campaign however we shouldn't be really all that surprised by either of the paul's connection to far right racists that's because they're libertarians and libertarianism is the velvet glove over the iron fist of racism here's how it works when you have an entrenched racial and economic class that has ruled a con and for five centuries they have well established levels and levers of power
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and wealth and they will generation after generation do whatever is necessary to hang on to that power and wealth is through shows including the history reconstruction in the history of integration in the fifty's and sixty's that the only thing strong enough to challenge the political and economic power of a multi-state century hereditary racial ruling class is the power of government it was government that made alabama governor george wallace and georgia governor lester maddox integrate their states and it was government that both passed and made the south finally accept the fourteenth and fifteenth amendments this is what george wallace had to say about desegregation during his inaugural address in one thousand nine hundred sixty three. and i thought that god would. very likely. let go. of the.
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tyranny of course he was speaking. was the federal government that wallace lost that fight because the power of government when appropriately used is greater than the power of wealth class or race it took government to break the stranglehold of white rule in the one nine hundred in the eight hundred seventy s. and eighty's but even that white power structure reasserted itself shortly thereafter and fought to reclaim its power leading to the plessy v ferguson case in one thousand nine hundred six and a half set century of legal segregation apartheid here in the united states which kept in place the political and economic privileges of white people so now comes a political philosophy libertarianism that says everything's fine everything's equal the government should just get the hell out of the way they say this when the median net worth of a white family in america is one hundred ten thousand seven hundred twenty nine dollars and that of a black family is four thousand nine hundred fifty five dollars they say this when
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the entire history of the u.s. senate and its entire history of only been three african-americans elected to that body they say this one right after the supreme court got of the voting rights act of one thousand nine hundred sixty five most populous state of the old confederacy texas put into place discriminatory voter suppression laws and began gerrymandering their congressional districts so in effect when conservatives and libertarians say government should get out of the way what they're really saying is let's lock into place white political power white wealth and white privilege of course not all libertarians think of themselves as racists and most probably don't see how their get rid of government policies prop up institutionalized bigotry but the reality is that when you blast government as the root of all evil and you neuter its power you end up weakening the one thing that can keep the ruling elite in check. and when you do that the rich and powerful race hangs onto its wealth and power and the poor
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minorities lose even more of what little they have in the end it doesn't really matter with rand paul agrees with jack carter that the confederacy was a good idea because by going on and on about states' rights and freedom from government tyranny senator paul and his friends on the libertarian side make sure that the values of old dixie and entrenched racial elite and racial inequality continue in america libertarianism truly is the velvet glove of the nice sounding freedom policy that covers the iron fist of five hundred years of genocide and apartheid in america. but for some reason most libertarians don't think that's something to worry about i'm joined now by one of those libertarians tim cavanaugh executive editor of the daily caller who don't miss characterizing your perspective you know i am and i'm glad to hear that george wallace had nothing to do with government i mean you'd think that he was a he might have been a governor and he might have been actually a fairly strong candidate for president at one point but glad to hear that but i
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think the government i thought he didn't have to deal with george wallace well and it was at the end it was people who are now supporting the league of the south i mean i've ever seen these guys you think they are the heirs of five hundred years of elite power in america but the fact the matter is it was a government that institutionalized slavery in the united states it was government that institutionalized apartheid you know from dred scott to lust it was woodrow wilson who brought jim crow laws to the very city that we live in right now. i'm not disagreeing with any of that my point is that those are all examples of a power a governing power basically a racial governing power and elite wealthy governing power seizing the powers of government and using it to control their wealth ultimately that was disrupted by government took the force of government to do that and if you think that rand paul is in position to seize the powers of government i know he's mentioned as a two thousand and six senator candidate is a speech is going to have a power innocent yeah i was happy to see that rand paul you know he he he kind of
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tried to not throw jack hunter under the bus i know jack hunter i know he went by the southern avenger thing for a long time i didn't i wasn't aware of the full extent of his thing but the neoconservative paper the free beacon that is you know the this is you can set your watch by when this will happen jamie kirchick at the new republic back when you remember there was a war in iraq and one in afghanistan when that was hot and ron paul was one of the few voices that was actually objecting to that they did a whole number on john kerry. rises as an intern i seen war on the right. yeah i yes it is i mean i'm sorry to see you thrown in you're you're you're all you're your child what the neo cons and i'm not know what i'm going to go to this one thing i will point out the civil war ended almost one hundred years ago no person alive today has even you know
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a grandparent's memory of slavery the neo cons are very happy to talk about the civil war they're happy to talk about every still you know they're happy to talk about all this stuff that long ago it echoes down but you know what we have made a lot of progress already allocated on the president we made a lot of progress out we'll be. sixty's when the government when our grands were made you know even in the sixty's there were there was there were certainly progress up until the sixty's fellow there was lyndon johnson cut poverty in half in ten years for the great society programs he has stat he set the foundation for a black middle class what it was that statistic you just raised about what the average net worth of that is only about a black adam way that is all that since that's all right about that is that yes absolutely and where it was worse that is the consequence of white privilege that's what it is is you're looking at five centuries of legal apartheid in the united states of genocide of racism and it is still echoing into our i don't i don't use
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the power of government to do something about it if instead i mean go back to the nixon kennedy debates they asked nixon and kennedy in one hundred sixty what would you do about the situation about the lunch counters in the south want to let one allow african-americans to sit at the lunch counter richard nixon said i would call together the c.e.o.'s and ask them to behave jack kennedy said i would i would use title five or title nine whichever it was of the u.s. code and i would put them in many many years and do it john he actually did write of it well not a lot he was assassinated but he was in the process of doing that and then he was the fortunate thing is that we get to talking about the debasing we. in history which the neo-cons arc know how to talk about it's modern has they don't want to do ever experience all right how about all rock i don't want to talk about afghanistan they don't want to talk about the drone war they don't want to talk about all of these cover things that are going to debate it isn't now it seems of people today and the libertarians are consistently against in the right on the left or pretty much consistently for the right i don't know that they don't want to talk about
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they want to talk about unfortunately that's a coax like jack hunter on the end of them that's a complete strong argument it's a straight is no i don't know anybody on the only happening in two thousand one hundred on the left who supported our iraq in the war in iraq has nothing to do with the fact you know libertarians were wrong where were the rage and this is why we're running the show ole took it lemme corporations run the show however they want when when when when a largely white power structure runs the show however they want mostly minority you know what did the back walk back walk on the employer mandate not really good was the result awesomely a five year thing you have democrats are the party of big business these days the result of five years are all going to destruction and they didn't have a sense of that. i don't know if he's claiming or not but i'll claim it they're all right it's all right there out there and what you seem to fund obama. going to be a logical father of obamacare does not claim that he heard of and yeah yeah that's good but i've already tried to raise you and i've never i mean i do i do believe
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are there's a heritage foundation propose they're not getting rid of the individual mandate only the one on big business only the problem because we're far afield still that we get it we have just a little side inside to still have not which i understand is still being fought you still haven't addressed the problem that libertarians have of saying let's get government out of the way and this is going to create a paradise i was going to say it is what used to overdo it when you get racially discriminate and you don't hear step one here step three we don't know what step two is do you agree rather but all of that i already know since the one nine hundred sixty four civil rights act was bad no. he doesn't believe that he thinks he's see dan he said listen here this is it's an interference in commerce it is a major ference of commerce for sure but that you know that that's an appropriate role for government i don't know i you know i don't know i don't think interfering commerce is a good role for government and i think we have we have reached the point now where is nobody is is where in through popular. feeling we are not going to
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find out where he was lying or is you know you just got the final words right here for a little row lysander so from there those are the intellectual fathers of libertarianism research are fighting over it or. i would rather ask questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so sorely sleep you think you understand it and then you
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glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture . here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call a tone. i'm sorry. the guys here is an awful lot of money. are you know what that is my peers. want to listen to featurism. and the christian. voters. you know the corporate media distracts us from what you and i should care about because they're a profit driven industry that sells
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a sensationalistic garbage he calls it breaking news i'm happy martin and we're going to break this that it's. about us the rest of the news objectivism is all about celebrating money greed and the individual will very opposite of what jesus was talking about when he said it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of god and the godmother of that ideology i and rand was an outspoken photo of organized religion you know believe me check out this clip from her one nine hundred fifty nine interview with c.b.s. as mike will. you are out to destroy almost every out of this in the contemporary
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american way of life judeo christian religion modified government regulated capitalism read by the majority will other abuse of said that you scorn churches and the concept of. accurate criticisms yet. the fact that. that's right destroy the churches so you think christians should be pretty wary of rand and her philosophy right not so fast and his new book the soul of atlas i honor and christianity is a quest for common ground author mark henderson argues that there is actually a strong basis for common ground between objectivists and christians is that possible that's as the author insult mark anderson walking the program marc thanks for having me thanks for joining us first of all iran and. openly scorned christianity actually said existence exists only existence exists existence is primary is uncreated indestructible eternal so if you're postulating something
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beyond existence some supernatural realm you must do it by openly do nine reason dispensing with definitions proofs arguments and saying flatly to hell with argument i have faith and she's calls that a willful rejection of reason how can you reconcile christianity and objectivism. well you know what i don't know who would make it moral estimates my my christian friends on the one hand who was the reconciling these two things or my friends on the other so who are you rightly pointed out just the immense contradictions and i grant you know one of her more vehement quotes was she wants to be the greatest champion of religion or the greatest yamuna reason rather and the greatest enemy of religion so you know i had to look long and hard but i had a lot of help from two men who shaped my world view your father and. exactly wanted to rush into the other an objectivist but you know without echoing them how
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did you how do you reconcile. how do you take a philosophy which essentially says i mean mine all good things come out of selfishness and when edward hickman who murdered a twelve year old girl and cut her up into little pieces and then threw her body parts of her father and left was a superman which is what iran said in fact he was the role model for the hero in one of her novels how do you reconcile that with matthew twenty five or even the sermon on the mother with jesus saying as you do the least among these you've done on to me. well you know there there are a mass of contradictions that you rightly point out fundamental is god and no god was atheist but where i look for common ground and really it isn't in the political realm ironically where no one finds common ground found common. ground in things like personal responsibility. individual liberty limited government
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and capitalism ironically and you know pascal was one of the first to say that all men seek happiness those all sound like slogans you know limited government nobody knows what that means capitalism is everybody has a different understanding or variation on what give an example. so for example if you would ask. why you know my limited government he would say that when the government stays in its proper role that it is not as a benefactor of the people not. controlling the means of production or distributing wealth. values the contribution of the individual but not to different things what their government is supposed to have a benefactor role read the constitution we created this country we created the constitution and our government to provide for the general welfare. and you know
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that's a very highly contested and somewhat ambiguous what is not at all it's it opens and closes article one section eight both times it's in the preamble and alexander hamilton writes paragraphs of rants about how in the end it is seventy nine one letter to george washington congress when he was secretary the treasury about how we use the phrase general welfare to make it as wide as possible so that the needs of the people could be accommodated and one would question whether the people means the government is everything he needed or is the government. just a question you know in matthew twenty five jesus is the nations will be before me and they will be judge not people the nations are you suggesting that as a nation we should not be providing health care we should not be doing what he said in matthew twenty five heal the sick. you know i don't see that is the role of government and i don't think jesus depended on the government you know order to provide for the people in fact he said that it was the government i mean you know i
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respectfully disagree and that jesus. defined what the role of government should be in fact i think it was remarkably silent as he. sort of distinguished between what is caesar's and what is not. and so so as i look to the outing entrepreneurs and and interpret their reference to general welfare i'm seeing. that the government can allow and create to foster individual creation and production and if mark work. i get time i would love to continue the conversation longer i'm sorry mark david henderson thank you very much for being with us all thank you tom good luck with your. eye. in scrutiny is the united states and the european union are currently negotiating the largest trade deal in human history but chances are you've never
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heard of the transatlantic free trade agreement otherwise known as taft has the potential to radically change everything from food safety inspection standards to copyright law but like its asian counterpart the trans-pacific partnership it's been negotiated entirely in secret over the past few decades free trade agreements have had a dramatic impact on the american economy and have led to the destruction of much of the american middle class so in washington tells us that the latest trade pact is all just a way to streamline existing economic partnerships. probably take that with a grain of salt for more on tap what it could mean to you i'm joined now by lori wallach director of public citizen's global trade watch lori welcome back thank you very much great to have you with us again so taft. what is taft well it's a plan that was hatched originally by a group called the transatlantic business dialogue these are the largest u.s.
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and e.u. multinational corporations in one thousand nine hundred five they got together official ways to have special access to the u.s. and european governments and they started talking about a plan to remove trade irritants their word translated because they are very helpful in making a list it's the best environment labor worker safety standards on either side of the atlantic so pick your favorite thing about either the u.s. or the e.u. the u.s. now has better financial regulations europe has better food safety standards those are the targets for elimination because you know deregulation that's an efficiency so it's lowest common denominator absolute lowest common denominator the whole agenda heartbreakingly is about removing any obstacle we would call them our most important consumer human viral mental standards that in the headbutt just the free rampage of us companies and they even admit up front they're no border taxes
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tariffs left to cut so this is all about actually getting rid of these regulatory inhibitions now the problem here of course is we can all see the big downsides because we are the we are the people going to expose the toxics for instance or even rules that could undermine our consumer privacy so have our data floating around even more all of these things that companies want but there's no real upside for us. is that why they are negotiating this functionally in secrecy and the t p p the transpacific partnership overtly negotiating in secret and why the president is asking for fast track authority he wants to propose them to congress in a way that they cannot amend them they can functionally debate them up or down vote can't be filibustered and and it seems to be. given a violation of the constitutional requirement that the treaties be. ratified by a supermajority why i think senator warren said it best when she was on the floor
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and voted against the guy who just got approved to be the new u.s. trade representative the top trade official she said with the secrecy it's totally unacceptable if the reason you're keeping the agreement secret which is what it looks like is because you don't think you could finish them if the american public knew what was in them then we should not have them as our policy and i think you're spot on really all of these special secretive procedures the closed doors trying to skirt the normal congressional procedures all that stuff is about trying to steamroller agreements with policies that are not most of our interests that you wouldn't get through under normal order. and normal order being the ability to debate them to modify them to amend them back and say fix this part a these three things a ok these seven things total baloney because the other thing that is in this town agreement that's very revealing is they've said in the investor state corporates
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investor privileges and the rights to sue our governments skirting our laws in our courts in world bank and un tribunals to extract our tax dollars for foreign companies now that system which is in t.p. was ostensibly created for when a rich country company went to a developing country that didn't have great laws or reliable courts so as i testified yesterday at the stakeholder day on taft would it be the u.s. or the e.u. property rights or courts that you guys think are crappy because otherwise why would you have a whole system of special corporate rights for one class foreign investors they give them privileges even above you domestic companies that exposed our. x. dollars to being raided for nothing more than these was one of those regulate banks to exact banks there's a regulating us rate in us amazing lori wallach brilliant work keep it up thanks so
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those snap chats with p.g. . most of the new alert animation scripts scare me a little bit. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow the breaking news. alexander's family cry tears and the why and embrace things out there that. there has to be adequate render at a court of law around. this is a story. playing out in real life. the
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worst you're going through only the white house or the. radio guy for a minute. they want. to give you never seen anything like this i'm told. is it possible to navigate the economy with all the details of his diction misinformation and media hype will keep you up to date by decoding the main stream had. it been your right.
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to live our phone lines are now open so if you want to share an opinion made comment ask a question live on the air it was call it tonight show for twenty one thirty four your call an internationally add a one u.s. country code let's go to our first video question of the night. hi tom my name is ron i want to know your views on why. the united states is three billion dollars a year in eight is true. israel is a democracy in the middle east it's a strategically important area israel was in a strategically important ally from pretty much from the get go and i'd say that's probably the majority of it we're giving an almost equal equal amount of money to
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egypt as a consequence of israel and egypt coming to a peace deal back during the carter administration this hour. all. so i'm pretty sure that's pretty much the answer to that we have a second comment that we see we received on our rant line. comes a liar hartman i don't know why you have a guest on there are why i guess whatever i want to come on your show that disagrees with you because all you do is is speak over them and the louder and louder the more you're getting your butt kicked which you usually do when somebody comes on the air with facts and figures that you can't refute refute. always you despise reagan for whatever reason when when he was president and i know you hate this is that he created over twenty million jobs and you have to say i don't know what you're going to say well you are so much money well obama depart more than that he creates. explain that when bush you can't like to filibuster and you
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like a lot you don't like the facts. refuted. ok your criticisms are no good i not sure i heard any real specifics in there that i can respond to other than that you know that i don't like reagan and i thought the government didn't create jobs i'm not sure you know if you want to be a reagan lover and say government can create jobs and say reagan created jobs. both ways jeffrey in chico california hey jeffrey you want to talk about nafta. and let me say this to everybody the person answering the phone can tell you first you have to listen to the telephone not the t.v. there is a delay between the time signal here and it gets to you jeffrey can you hear me now . ok jeff are you are on the. timeline we are talking ok let's move on to walter walter in ontario canada hey walter you're
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on the air what's up. a calm pleasure to talk to you listen to this n.s.a. . snatching all the e-mails the solution was already. invented in the second world war the truman and make machine every computer needs an enigma encoding device between the keyboard and the hard drive you let your friends know on a daily basis how you are changing your machine you're in the enigma machine they need an enigma machine on the other end and everything you're sending out in between is completely garbled it would take the n.s.a. months to do just to. code it's going let alone millions and millions and millions so if you're a businessman start getting somebody involved in building enigma machines and we can just screw the n.s.a. totally now listen the other thing i was thinking about is south america they need
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to you know honestly right across the board raise coffee prices even mediately ten percent this will teach the americans and the europeans that for this aggression there is a cost every morning after breakfast table every evening for i got walter i want to get some other callers in mid let me let me respond to your your first comment the right across. there is there are services that will encrypt your communication with your pretty much everybody that you're interacting with on the internet it's called v.p.n. a virtual private network i think it stands for and there are encryption systems like p.g.p. and others where you can encrypt your your outgoing emails and messages and things like that i wouldn't depend on those things to prevent the n.s.a. from figuring out what you're saying since it's not they're not that sophisticated
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and the n.s.a. is like really so. mr kid the issue i don't think is trying to hide from the n.s.a. the issue with is what does a transparent democratic republic look like how do we bring our very necessary spy agencies and spying capability in line with our very necessary introduce you know american values of the fourth amendment of individual privacy and and the right even to anonymity without the right to anonymity the boston tea party never would have happened for example how do how do we do that how do we reconcile those things i think ed snowden has really started that conversation for us in a good an important way and we need to continue that conversation tyrone in wilmington north carolina tyrone welcome to the program thanks for calling. tyrone yes we're going to hear hey you're on the air. you got a listener phone not your t.v.
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as soon as you get out as soon as you get on ok i got you in there you know you down and just talk to me on the telephone what's up. ours is going to get sorry the . the war the floes laundry. in the united states concerned here when cooking. what about it. to stop it by you how is it possible america to have loaded. yeah i know i know i am with you i mean this is this is something that and thank you tyrone for the call the modern war on drugs in a small way began back in the one thousand nine hundred in one nine hundred twenty s. the whole harry anslinger thing it you know it fundamentally was this came out of a whole bunch of racial stereotypes and racist stereotypes and and then harry anslinger started doing empire building with the drug enforcement administration and the f.b.i. got into the act in and when i can assure the f.b.i. got into that particular act but in any case and then it became an industry and now
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it's a major industry in the nixon of course declared the war on drugs and nixon's drug war has you know we have a private prison industry involved we have a drug testing industry involved you have the police agencies in the industry involved you have the let's weaponize the police industry involved a lot of people are making money off the war on drugs and it's crazy it's destroying americans lives what we need to do is say enough already drugs are a medical problem not a legal problem and simply make it that make treatment available to anyone who needs it and and decriminalize all of the drugs if you can grow in your backyard this shouldn't be a law against it in my opinion and frankly that's how it was for most of american history somehow the founding fathers it was perfectly legal for them to grow pot in fact george washington grew up it was perfectly legal for them to grow pot or opium poppies or pretty much anything else they wanted and we didn't have a crisis in america for a couple of centuries and frankly i don't think that we would know if we did get away with the droid with nixon struggle or mike in toronto canada you want to talk
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about u.s. debt. yes thank you for taking my call i appreciate it i'm glad we get our tree up here my question is about us dad you guys in the states are sixteen trillion dollars and i don't think a lot of people understand the scope of what one trillion dollars is i mean if you were born on the day that jesus was born and you spent a million dollars a day for two thousand and thirty years you wouldn't have spent one trillion and you're sixteen trillion in debt and my question is how do you think that the united states is going to go about that and thanks for taking my call thanks for the thanks for the call in the question mike and it's a good important question. that sixteen trillion dollars is roughly equivalent to our gross domestic product the total of all the economic activity in the united states throughout the course of a year sounds like a lot japan's debt right now is twice their g.d.p. it's one hundred percent higher than ours it's over two hundred percent of g.d.p.
7:39 pm
it's twice when we left world war two our debt to g.d.p. ratio is about one hundred twenty nine percent so we were actually more in debt relative to our g.d.p. after world war two and we are right now so the question is how did we pay that off after world war two did we do it john boehner and the republicans in the billionaires or are pushing cut all the social welfare programs cut off everything don't give any government money to any anybody don't do anything do austerity no what we did under truman and eisenhower a democrat republican was with the g.i. bill we sent. hundreds of thousands perhaps millions of young men and ink in some cases young women to college for free we paid for their college my dad was one paid for their college even gave them a stipend to live on we we supported unionization we built we borrowed money and built the u.s. interstate highway system we built our infrastructure we built schools schools all
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across the. united states we built hospitals all across the united states we went on a construction binge to create the infrastructure in which business could function the thing the major thing that will cause a business to want to relocate in a community or in a country is that they have good infrastructure there's good trains there's good public transportation there's good water systems there's good public schools there's good hospitals those are the things that are necessary so frankly if we want to pay off our national debt we should be investing in the united states just like we did after world war two invest in this country and you will see that investment multiply and then as everybody gets wealthier their taxes will pay down the debt just like happened in the fifty's and sixty's larry larry in vancouver canada hey larry. you have a very good show and i really appreciate it thank you i have got to question the first question in a previous show. on a minute will be doing critical care act like you know when that will be taking
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pretty montana about minnesota. and let me very quickly answer if i may and then elder doll hold onto you vermont has already passed the legislation necessary to do single payer health care it's been signed into law by governor shumlin they are right now doing all the actuarial stuff and putting them back in stuff in a place under obamacare starting in january twenty seventh teen or possibly it's the fiscal year two thousand and seventeen which would be october of two thousand and sixteen i'm not sure which one of the other that that state will be able to get a waiver from the federal government to obamacare and do that montana minnesota is talking about doing the same thing brian schweitzer state they haven't gotten that far yet second question real quick. question for you greg crystal clear. program for. all three i noticed that growth in our group at the congressional level many times whether democratic or republican there's. there's no competition
7:42 pm
in terms of how the old dot com would you support having a third party are correct or third party you know. here's you know i'm not opposed to third parties i you know i voted for ralph nader in two thousand that said two third parties typically shoot themselves in the foot and in the american system what we really need is instant runoff voting or proportional representation and there are groups committed to doing both in the united states the green party is a big advocate for instead of voting or rank voting so that's really what we need first and we can have multiple parties that's it for your take my take alive thanks for all your calls if we didn't get to your call tonight is back next week and keep the video questions coming it's easy just grab your phone record your question or comment and e-mail it to us at your take my take at g. mail dot com you'll be up first coming up we have the most unequal distribution of wealth and income in this country since the nineteen twenty s.
7:43 pm
so that means we should do away with the minimum wage right charles koch think so more on that internets billy take. the same story doesn't make it a news. flash. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something
7:44 pm
else. they're part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. i would rather i asked questions to people in positions with instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question more. looking for every doc in the field that while we won't find it here if you're
7:45 pm
looking for relevant stories we need perspectives on top of my scans. it's thursday so let's get geeky on getting prehistoric. to. everyone remembers seeing jurassic park and being amazed by the idea of the dinosaurs which have been extinct for sixty five million years could be magically brought back to life to roam the earth once again when the movie first came out in one thousand nine hundred three the idea was mere science fiction movies released even prompted scientists to point out the d.n.a.
7:46 pm
couldn't exist or stay intact. for even thousands of years alone millions of times a change in collecting d.n.a. from ancient organisms is becoming easier and easier to do in two thousand and ten a team of researchers from the institute for evolutionary anthropology in germany revealed that they had sequenced the entire genome of a neanderthal based on specimens found that were at least thirty eight thousand years old last year that same team announced that it had sequenced the genome of a girl belonging to a species of humans called the dentist so vns closely re it related to the neanderthals who lived about eighty thousand years ago in other areas now a team of scientists at copenhagen university in denmark announced that they have successfully sequence the entire genome of a species of horse that lives some seven hundred thousand years ago and in late may researchers discovered a nearly fully intact woolly mammoth body frozen deep in the wilderness of siberia a lot of muscle of the mammoth was so well preserved that despite the freezing
7:47 pm
temperatures the mammals blood was still liquid and leaking from under its body and this extraordinary early well reserve will be mammoth still containing a great deal of its fur it was revealed for the to the public for the first time this week in japan researchers are now planning to use the blood that was collected to help to better understand the woolly mammoths d.n.a. and could try to clone the mammoth in the years to come so what's the benefit of understanding and sequencing the d.n.a. of all these prehistoric animals and human predecessors on the case of neanderthals you could actually be beneficial to reintroduce them to society scientific evidence shows that ninety eight neanderthals actually had bigger brains than modern day humans by about one hundred ccs and because of these bigger brains it's just possible that they were smarter than we are as a result when modern day humans homo sapiens clashed with neanderthals it's possible that we use violence while they tried to use their intelligence
7:48 pm
rationalize with us you know. all know how well that worked out bottom line here is that a higher developed species like more neanderthal is assuming that they are they probably aren't but millions just assume for a minute might be necessary to help save the planet so next time you say to someone you're such a neanderthal just remember that actually could be a compliment. just. is the good the bad and the very very margherita taisha slee ugly the good the d.c. city council on wednesday lawmakers in our nation's capital for a bill requiring all retailers with sales of one billion dollars or more to pay their employees a living wage yes these eight to five vote the d.c. council both made it more likely that the city's workers will make
7:49 pm
a decent living and also wal-mart's plans to take over the capital the nation's largest employer announced earlier this week that it would scrap its plans to build three stores in the district if suitable legislators approved the living wage law at work d.c. city council hopefully good riddance wal-mart the bad brian kilmeade the fox so-called news host doesn't just spew rightwing misinformation he also makes babies cry seriously check out this clip from today's episode of fox. and she's bad job. when it would come out it is not a machine gun machine how do you stuff this close up so bad so run. up. to that let's say lose one of their lives without even going to the place that was. the don't believe it. will be right back we'll see how tired of.
7:50 pm
you know brian i think i am with isaac yet i feel like breaking news here as i watch your show and a very very oddly mad staver during yesterday's faith and freedom broadcast the dean of liberty university's law school warned that the decision to allow a transgendered colorado boy use the girl's restroom at a public school was the death of civil rights. you know what. if you ultimately have this accepted by society. that a man can be identified as a woman a woman can be identified as a man and you ought to have civil rights that follow your subjective inner thoughts then they ultimately create sexual anarky if this is civil rights this is the abolition of civil rights this is the deconstruction of objective reality it's a deconstruction of law so i should've said transgendered girl it was in the girls' room i don't know map it last time i checked choosing your own gender is an entirely personal decision nobody is asking you to want to become a woman only asking to let other people who do want to do that live their lives as
7:51 pm
they please for all of us to accept them you know kind of like jesus wouldn't want to know that person is actually trying to destroy civil rights here is you matt and if this is what you're teaching your students of liberty university about the law then that's just very very. droll zcode thinks he has the solution to america's income inequality problem and what a large problem it is we have the most unequal distribution of wealth and income in this country since the one nine hundred twenty s. among the highest in the world right now the wealthiest four hundred americans own more wealth than the entire bottom half of our country and the six heirs to the great wal-mart fortune own more wealth than the bottom thirty percent of americans
7:52 pm
the top one percent of americans own forty percent of our entire nation's wealth while the bottom sixty percent of us own less than two percent of the nation's wealth and the bottom forty percent of all americans own just three tenths of one percent of the nation's wealth since one nine hundred seventy nine. after tax income for the top one percent of americans is up two hundred eighty one percent it's only up sixteen percent and twenty five percent for the bottom fifth and middle fifth of americans respectively and according to the economic policy institute c.e.o. pay spiked seven hundred twenty five percent between one nine hundred seventy eight and two thousand and eleven a worker pay rose just five point seven percent during the same time it's clear that income inequality is a major problem in america and that something needs to be done to fix it right now that's where the coax come in because circuit of mogul charles koch who is worth
7:53 pm
over forty three billion dollars says that eliminating the minimum wage is a solution to america's poverty woes of wednesday the charles koch foundation launched a two hundred thousand dollars media blitz in which dark kansas coke's home state and in an interview with the wichita eagle about the campaign koch said that anything that people with limited capital can do to raise themselves up in the government keeps throwing obstacles in their way and so we've got to clear those out of minimum wage or anything that reduces the whole bill of he of labor. reducing the mobility of labor doing away with orders there's no credible information or data that backs up coke's claims that the minimum wage impedes economic growth and the doing away with that would solve any of our problems in fact the data says otherwise. a new study put out by the chicago federal reserve economists is daniel aronson and eric french show that raising the federal minimum wage by a dollar seventy five to nine dollars an hour what the president has called for
7:54 pm
would increase the level of real gross domestic product g.d.p. by up to three tenths of a percentage point the near term and would increase household spending by around forty eight billion dollars next year everybody knows that economies are driven by demand also known as consumer spending the fact is the doing away with the minimum wage will do absolutely nothing to reduce the extraordinary levels of poverty and income inequality in this country so what will first contrary to what republicans in washington love to argue we need to strengthen and expand our social safety net programs cannot do away with that americans who are living on the edge need some bootstraps to pull themselves up by programs like medicaid and food stamps are essential because they provide those bootstraps and help them get back on their feet in extremis to invest more in education so young people can succeed in the end of the workplace right now the united states ranks seventeenth in the world among developed countries when it comes to overall education and twenty fifth in math and
7:55 pm
science at sucks we also need to take on the loopholes that make our tax system favor the rich and we need to roll back the reagan tax cuts america's wealthiest citizens should pay their fair share and do their part to support the american economy rather than just living off the backs of the working class we also need to take an axe to all the corporate loopholes in our tax code put there by lobbyists and corporate shills in congress to make this work our nation's trade policies also have to change no more so-called free trade deals like nafta calf to shaft the trans-pacific partnership giant transnational corporations should not have the right or the power to move our jobs overseas and it's insane that our tax code. encouraging them to do so finally any company whose business model depends on screwing their workers would pay that it is that is so low that those workers qualify for food stamps and medicaid should be put out of business if we just set
7:56 pm
the minimum wage to what it was in one nine hundred sixty eight which would be ten dollars and twenty five cents in today's dollars we begin the process of rebuilding our middle class as part of the koch foundation's new campaign they released a video about economic freedom in america take a look. are you in the one percent if you earn over thirty four thousand dollars a year you are one of the wealthiest one percent in the world that. if you make thirty four thousand dollars a year you're in the top one percent globally and anybody only makes ten or fifteen thousand you're in the top twenty thirty percent globally so you should probably compete with all those people around the world who are making a dollar a day charles koch thinks that this should make us all feel good help us to sleep better at night i guess he thinks we should be content with the fact that right now the poorest americans who struggle to survive and provide for their families each
7:57 pm
day are still better off than people in third world countries like bangladesh fact the matter is charles koch inherited much of his money from his daddy fred he's never known what it's like to run a household budget on the minimum wage taking wage policy advice from charles koch is like taking advice on how to run a neighborhood watch program from george zimmerman when it comes to the koch brothers lecturing us about how the working poor should be paid we should all just take nancy reagan's advice and just say no. and that's the way it is tonight thursday july eleventh two thousand and thirteen. for more information check out our website the thom hartmann dot com free speech or r t dot com and hulu dot com slash the big picture and don't forget democracy begins with you get out there get active tag your suitable.
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i would rather as questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question more.
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is it possible to navigate the economy with all the details such as text misinformation and media hype you up to date by decoding the mainstream has stated it's been your right. mission free cretaceous free in-store charges free. range minced sri. sri stuart chaifetz free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects free media and on to
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our t.v. dot com. coming up on r t n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden remains hidden in moscow doesn't mean there's some speculation he might be on his way to cuba we'll have the latest on the snowden song god just so had the defense team for the. bradley manning trial has rested its case but this trial is far from over what's next for manning as things move closer to a conclusion or report just ahead. a group of u.s. lawmakers has finally reached a deal on student debt interest rates but will the deal actually bring relief to all of those students who are already drowning in debt the answers and tonight's show.

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